Would You Rather Travel Edition #3

Shane from Sea Salt Secrets has another Would You Rather edition!!!! And since I am now really into these fun posts I thought I would post another one for you, while I work on getting other travel posts up...the reason I have been so bad at doing that is because I take about 1000 pictures of each flower or palace that I see and then I need to go in and filter through and edit all the pictures which is the part that takes the longest. So in the meantime here is another fun little post, with a glimpse at some pictures I have taken since I've been here.

Go into the past and tell yourself to change one thing that’s happened OR go into the future and see what your life ends up being like?

While I usually opt for the option to go into the past, I usually choose to do so purely for historical/ancestral reasons. Which means that I would want to meet a past relative or witness a moment in history. I am not into changing something about the past because I like my life at the moment and I wouldn't want to change a decision I made that would alter the present. So for this one I will choose the future. I'm hoping it involves horses and that I have an ice rink/pond in my backyard.

For my expats: Head home for the holidays OR meet your family in a middle ground and explore a new country together?

As much as I love travelling with my family to new places, I would choose going home. There is something about Canadian Christmases and my parents house at Christmas that I just don't like missing, although sadly I will be missing it this year.

Sleep in a comfy place with a clean bed but in a dodgy neighborhood OR sleep in a bad room (soft bed with springs popping out and skuzzy shared shower with cold water) in an excellent, 24/7 safe location?

I would probably chose to have a nice room and bed in a dodgy neighbourhood. Mostly because I 
would just avoid going out alone at night.

Stay in an all inclusive resort where you are waited on hand and foot but can’t leave the vicinity OR embark on a 10-day cruise where you are able to island hop?
10-day cruise where I could island hop. I think I would feel uncomfortable with being waited on hand and foot, and also I would want to leave the resort. I would get bored very fast if all I could do was drink mimosas at the pool bar, I need some culture.
Take a whirlwind trip around Europe with a full itinerary OR spend three months soaking up all that Asia has to offer?
I would like to choose option c. BOTH! But if I had to choose, since I have had a bit of a taste into Europe I would like to spend three months in Asia (mostly because I am already here and I plan to do that in the future).

Take a trip with your significant other to a big party city like Ibiza OR with your best friends to a romantic destination such as Maldives?
I am not a huge party person, so I wouldn't be able to go out every night we are there until 4 in the morning. And I have always wanted a Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants kind of vacation with my friends so I am going to pick the Maldives.
Let’s say you call in sick for work when you’re feeling fine, what would you do with your free day? Convince a friend to do the same and then go have some fun OR take a drive to a place you’ve never been OR just hang out at home relaxing OR treat yourself to a a pedicure and shopping?
Take a drive to a place I've never been. That sounds nice, and if I were in Canada, there are a lot of little towns near where I am from that would be nice for a little day trip.

Be stuck for a week on a mountaintop with an amazing view OR on a deserted island with a beautiful beach? 

I like mountains but I think I would rather be on an island, just because there is only so much you can do on a mountain top, without potentially falling off. At least if I were on an island I could walk around and go swimming and try to drink from a coconut. Maybe there can be a really cool (but not about to erupt) volcano that I could climb as well.
A chauffeur that drives you to and from wherever you want in a vehicle of your choice OR a 5-star personal chef who prepares you every meal of the day?
A chauffeur. I hate driving.
Never be able to travel again or never have sex again?

....to any future boyfriend/husband who reads this...I can't give up travel...sorry. :)

And there we go, another Would You Rather edition. I have since learned there are two more versions so, this fun little game that I am really enjoying will continue!!!

Happy Travels! 

P.S. Feel free to answer these questions in the comments below, I would love to read your answers!

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