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This is my last post on France for a while. The last time I was there was in 2013 and I had booked a tour for a week. I spent the previous two weeks in Belgium taking an interactive course on the European Parliament for my degree. I really wanted to experience France again and go to the coast, away from Paris. The tour brought us from Paris to places like Giverny, Mont Saint Michel, the Landing Beaches, and small towns like Rouen and Honfleur.

It then took us into the Loire valley for a view of the magnificent Chateaux. The homes of former royalty! Our last one was the Chateau d'Amboise, located in,  the city of Amboise. 

Here is a bit of history about the Chateau:  

Chateau d'Amboise was built on the site of a Roman camp and in 1434 fell into royal hands. King Francis I was raised at the Chateau and Leonardo da Vinci was his guest in 1515. Other royal mentions go to Catherine de Medici and her husband who raised their children here. 

The Chateau is unique for three reasons: 
  1. It incorporates architectural style from three time periods: Medieval, Gothic and Renaissance.
  2. The town is built up around it. When someone looks out their window or steps out their front door the walls of the fortress are literally right there.
  3. 3. Leonardo da Vinci is buried there.

Chapel where Leonardo da Vinci is buried

 Coat's of Arms for Charles VIII and Queen Anne of Brittany

Happy Travels!

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