Would You Rather: Travel Edition #4

Welcome to another round of Would You Rather: Travel Edition. As usual, these questions (which by the way are sometimes very difficult to answer) come from Shane who blogs at Sea Salt Scrubs.

Here we go...

Visit Hogwarts OR Narnia?

Hogwarts. I like Narnia but its not as cool as Hogwarts. 
Get dumped and eat the cost of your ex’s trip OR spend an entire 2-week vacation with someone you can’t stand?

I'm not sure, would I have to be with that person 24 hours a day for two weeks?

Live in Africa OR in Antarctica for a year?
Africa. There is so much more too see and there are Penguins there too. It would be cool to do a year long trip and visit every country in Africa.

Be captured by a wild tribe in the jungles OR by pirates at sea?
Are these today's pirates or Pirates of the Caribbean type pirates. If the latter than I'd rather be captured by pirates. If the its today's pirates then I'd rather be captured in the jungle. 
Live in extreme luxury for a but with no freedom to do what you want OR on the lowest budget travel imaginable, with the freedom to travel anywhere you like? 
The latter option, hands down. I'll admit I wouldn't mind to have a taste of extreme luxury, but I just think I would get really bored, and sad after a while, especially if I couldn't go anywhere.
Attend the royal wedding OR the Olympic games?
Ok I feel like the questions in this edition are making is very difficult to choose just one option. The Royal Wedding, let's face it, of course I would choose that one.

Dine at the hottest new restaurant before it gets big OR a hole in the wall ethnic restaurant with amazing food OR a familiar classic with grandma’s comfort food?
Hole in the wall ethnic restaurant. 
Live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live 10 lives that last 100 years each?
10 lives that last 100 years each. I'm not sure why, but this option sounds interesting. I wonder if I would know I was living 10 different lives and that I would have a memory of my previous lives or if I would just start all over again...maybe I'm living one of those 10 lives now, there is a philosophical thought for you. 
Wake up with a regrettable tattoo on your butt OR with a random stranger in your bed?
Random stranger...they are easier to remove. For the tattoo I'd have to go through the whole process of getting it removed, whereas with the stranger I can just ask them to leave.

Travel wide or travel deep? 
While I want to travel everywhere and see everything, I do want to really experience a place and not just go there so I can check it off. I like culture and so I would rather travel deep.

And there we have it another edition. Here are the links for editions one, two and three.
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Happy Travels!

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