Book Review: Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is one of my favourite people. I just find her so refreshing and relatable that I can't help but be obsessed with her. I reviewed her first book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (don't worry its a short review) and I loved it. I was so excited when I heard that she was writing another one.

I really like reading these essay style books that are like a memoir but in a comedic, relatable type of way. There were so many moments I had reading this book that I thought, 'wow, she says everything I am thinking but don't actually say', and 'thank goodness someone else has slightly irrational thoughts at strange hours of the night'.

She second book was just as enjoyable as the first and I finished it pretty quickly. It is a short read and the essays are really quick. She talks a lot about her career successes and the process she went through to produce her show and actually get it picked up. She takes you through her daily work routine and my goodness I don't know how she does that everyday for months on end.

I really like how she discusses a wide range of topics in her book, from careers, opinions on things, guys, and just things that normal, everyday girls think about and go through. As someone in their twenties there were definitely some essays that were very comforting and felt real. The things she talks about I would talk about with my friends and I just really like the way she presents herself in the book and that she puts in the not so glamorous aspects of, in my opinion, her oh so glamorous life.

She will definitely continue to be be one of my favourite people and I cannot wait for her to write another book.

Happy Reading!

Have your read this book? What did you think?